switching things up with a poem this time

April Rains

Puddles of pain paint April paths

as stubborn ice melts to streams

A muddy Dalmatian of spring

where wistful milkweed roots in lakeside shore

arriving just in time for summer’s monarch.

A voiceless field preacher recites

synoptic hues of titian gospel and

sun stained wings cast leadlight on unturned stones —

each sitting on a silent soliloquy

of vindication.

What was really buried under these rocks?

Summer sins dug deep in dirt.

Snowflake silhouettes I felt last winter.

Thoughts I choose to bear alone

and texts I haven’t sent.

Songbirds chime the dawn brass

I kneel in my sun-filled chapel

I repent —

Praying quietly under the grace of wings

It’s about time roast beef makes its comeback.

The year was 2019, my sophomore year of college. (or what should have been, it’s honestly just easier saying it that way) My friends and I were at a friend of a friend’s place talking up a group of people at a…

Yes, your words bend on impact and they have an important effect.

So Tod [A stakeholder] and I were talking about a feature to implement, but whenever I would approach him with a critical decision, we would get tangled up in details and we could never arrive at a conclusion…

It was pronounced ‘Edu’, like in ‘EDUcation’ + Pass. Not E.D.U. Pass
Glad people think I'm smart enough to use acronyms though.

EduPass was my venture before Pikup, and it was my first glance into the exciting world of startups. …

Sam Lerdahl

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